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Esther Sipos

Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach

Nutrition started to occupy me mainly because I was always the type of person who gained fat from the air, I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. Back then, I was still puzzled by the fact of how it is possible to live the same lifestyle as, say, my brother, he reeds thin and I don’t. Or why is it that the deity we eat by others is often a little principle that seems to work for everyone, but I was driven mad by constant hunger, and despite eating almost all day, I was constantly irritated and hungry. I started from here.

I quickly learned that we are not the same. This lesson was the most important to me. This is because it has already explained why the same lifestyle and diet does not work for everyone. At the same time, the hormones were already in the picture, but I still hadn’t dug myself too deep into that part. I approached one of the most experienced Hungarian nutrition consultants on this topic, I requested a consultation, thanks to him, my own diet and lifestyle was already smooth. I continued my studies along this line. He was surprised that at home, almost no one dealt with his clients and patients so deeply. I’ve found that almost everyone is pedaling their own proven diet and are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that we’re not the same. So I took another impetus and my determination became even stronger. I want to help as many people as possible.

Pranoy K R

Blogger and Chef

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